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Unofficial patch, just google it. Subscribe: Get notified of new submissions like this. Here's a video showing how it is Before & After the patch installation with side-by-side comparison. Cumulative Patch updates Far Cry from v1.

Requirements: NVidia: Geforce FX Family or better, ATI: x800 card or better. This feature is disabled by default. To enable it, type r_TexNormalMapCompressed 1 in the console after loading a level.

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Enabling this feature during the game may take some time - the PC may appear to freeze. This variable will not be saved when restarting the game.

Патчи Far Cry v11 - v14 2004, Patch

Enabling normal map compression will have prolonged execution the first time running through a level due to initial compression phase occurring in real time through the level. Subsequent reloads of the same level will yield better performance and therefore we recommend that you run any benchmark twice and to take the second of the two runs for benchmarking purposes since this most closely represents the usual user experience. X are now enabled by default when graphics settings are set to ‘Very High’.

To see performance increases you must have Direct X 9. Improved tangent-space calculation to improve bumpmap quality. Anisotropic filtering disabled for some textures (light-maps, several lookup textures, fall-off maps) for increased performance. When attempting to connect to PunkBuster regulated servers, make sure you are not running with â€"DEVMODE enabled. Exe itself (not a shortcut) if you are unsure. If you are kicked from a PunkBuster enabled server with the reason “No packet flowâ€, make sure the Windows XP internal firewall is disabled.

Fixed bug in leaning with different player classes. Fixed an invisible wall exploit in mp_freighter. Please ensure you have your graphics cards latest drivers installed. (vehicles now survive longer in multiplayer and behave consistently between weapon damage types) Bullet damage can be disabled by “g_vehicleBulletDamage†cvar: 0 = no bullet damage (default), 1 = bullet damage; this works only in MP. MP vehicles can get the same damage from every kind of bullet (no distinction between sniper rifle and the deagle), this value is set by ‘dmgBulletMP’ variable inside ‘DamageParams’ table of the vehicle.

Buggy, humvee and gunboat can be destroyed with one rocket. Bigtruck can be destroyed with three rockets. Vehicle damage code cleaned and made more consistent. Added optimizations for scoreboard performance.

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Fixed bug in scoreboard that reported ping incorrectly by a factor of 2. Pings now appear correctly (half the old values). Fixed bug in submitted Punkbuster ID causing random CD Key hash to be generated. Global ID unique to CD keys is now parsed correctly. Separated multiplayer and single player weapon code better functionality with mod developers and support for changes to MP balance without affecting single player. Reduced rocket launcher clip to 1, no change to lethality.

Adjusted AG36 damage to head and torso. Increased OICW accuracy by 30% when zoomed. Increased lethality of mounted weapons. Fixed collision detection on the dedicated server with different arm position because of different weapons. Hit detection is now more accurate. The record console variable was marked as protected because it opened up some cheat possibilities. Fixed bug with FarCry MOD version number being incorrectly displayed as 1. Note: If you experience connection issues during LAN play or your connection is refused by punkbuster, you can disable the connection checking with the following command (as the server).

This may be caused if punkbuster is trying to update itself with an incorrectly configured firewall or unavailable internet connection. A) First of all make sure you have the latest drivers for your sound card. Wave Out/DirectSound/Wave output volume to avoid saturation.

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If some audio clicks or saturation problems appear, try to reduce the hardware acceleration of your soundcard (advanced properties). Set the quality of the sampling rate conversion to “optimalâ€. Try to disable EAX in the sound options game menu. The hardware acceleration to the second position (2 out of 4). Set the quality of the sampling rate conversion to "optimal". Select the "Compatibility mode" in the sound options menu to help solve these driver issues. Click Start, then Run. Type: dxdiag and then click “soundâ€. DXDiag and try FC again.

If this doesn't work, continue to lower the hardware acceleration until you can find a suitable setting. Card drivers from the sound card manufacturer. To verify that you have the latest DirectSound drivers available for your sound card, contact the sound card manufacturer. If necessary, obtain and install the latest DirectSound drivers for your sound card.

Website, or contacting their technical support for help updating drivers. The Ubi Soft Solution Center at for "update driversâ€. Once these drivers have been downloaded and installed, reinstall the version of DirectX that is installed on your system. Some short sound losses can occur with the sound cards based on the NForce2 sound chipset. When sound volume is set to zero, sounds are not played anymore. This may help game performance on slower computers. We strongly recommend installing the latest versions of the drivers for your video cards.

When installing new graphics card drivers, use the Windows Uninstall program to remove and previous drivers. Far Cry officially requires 800x600 resolution or higher. Q) The game crashes on startup or after I have reinstalled Directx, what can I do?

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A) The 3D acceleration option is not available or not supported by your video adapter. The machine thinks that Direct3D functionality is not available; the Microsoft knowledge base article 191660 explains how to solve this issue (//support. Please check that your computer meets the minimums requirements for the game. If your computer meets all the minimum requirements the problem is with your drivers. Please make sure that you have the latest drivers available for your graphics card and soundcard.

Q) What DirectX version and graphics drivers should I have installed? NVIDIA based cards must have latest NVIDIA drivers (www. ATI based cards must have latest Catalyst drivers (www.

For more information on obtaining drivers, please search the Ubi Soft Solution Center at for "update driversâ€. Q) My machine is overclocked and I have issues playing the game or the game doesn't start at all. A) Overclocking the machine could cause a number of issue not only for FarCry but for other games and applications as well. Ubisoft/Crytek are not responsible for machine crashes or slowdown caused by overclocking. Contact the HW manufacturer of your machine for support. Q) Looks like FC is running with 16 bits colours. Q) When I enable AA or FAA, the game runs significantly slower.

FAA uses a great deal of graphics power.

Far Cry Patch v13

Some users with onboard sound may experience white noise “hiss†creep in after playing for a while. The enable fog table emulation box must be checked in the NVIDIA control panel on some NVIDIA chipsets. If this option is unchecked, the quality of the fog in game may be negatively affected. Some nForce onboard sound cards can cause gun and environment sound to be lost. Some ladders do not behave correctly. The player may be able to move to the left or right of the ladder which may look odd in some cases when viewed in third person.

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Some combinations of terrain textures may cause graphical glitches when viewed from a distance due to the texture LOD. In some cases, users with Geforce 3 cards using low graphic settings may experience odd colorization of environments and characters. R_waterrefraction does not work on geforce 5900 fx card when Dualscreen is on. When users want to use HIGH spec and have dualview enabled they should type in the console r_waterrefraction 0.

There are issuses with dual monitor support (refractive shader).

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NVidia Quadro graphics cards are optimised for professional OpenGL applications, in our DX9 game environment Quadro cards may not be detected properly. Alt-Tab mode is not 100% supported in Far Cry. There may be some instabilities caused when using it.

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This includes shooting at an enemy in Win ME and alt-tabbing causing flickering and graphical glitches. With WinXP this may cause stalls or even a crash when looking at the body. For NVIDIA Users of GeForce Cards up to GeForce 4 whose framerate feed choppy or slow, edit the file system. Cfg and change the line r_Driver = “Direct3D9†to r_Driver = “OpenGL†to try the unsupported OpenGL Version. This may run faster in specific cases.

On GeForce 3 cards ONLY, set the AntiAliasing settings to anything other than 'none' may crash the game, we recommend you to keep this to none. In Windows98 and Window ME the game may be automatically minimised after it is installed and started the first few times. If this occurs simply maximise it again.

If you load the game and let it run in the menu for a long period of time, it may lock up. Sometimes a checkpoint can get corrupted and crash the game. On Windows Me, after installation, the Install button is still active.