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Also, the game works perfectly well when I play the censored version. This patch will unlock +18 scenes of the game.

If My Heart Had Wings (USA) PC

Just keep that in mind before downloading it. I’ll be REALLY specific with my explanation, even with obvious stuff such as how to install something and extract it. I’m not sure if I can link outside pages in here, so I won’t do it.

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Which means that if you’re missing something, you’ll have to search for it by yourself. English is my second-language and can result to some horrible mistakes T_T Please, forgive me for any error I make and hopefully the phrase stays understandable. Please read the full explanation first so you can download everything beforehand. Rar files) of ‘IF MY HEART HAD WINGS’. The process should still be the same if you downloaded it from the DA-1click option.

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Rar files) of ‘IF MY HEART HAD WINGS UNCENSOR PATCH’. Again, the process should remain the same if you downloaded it from the DA-1click option. Vista should also be compatible with it, but I’ve heard some people having trouble when using Windows 8. They are needed to extract the parts of the game and the patch. Both work exactly the same so download any of both (I prefer WinRAR, though). Extract all the parts of ‘IF MY HEART HAD WINGS’ in a single folder.

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This can be done by selecting all 16 parts and right-clicking on them, choose the option you prefer (I always go for ‘Extract here’). Run the application found in the folder obtained by extracting the game’s parts.

The app should be called ‘IfMyHeartHadWings’ and have a blue icon. An installation window will open after running the app. Agree with the license and choose the direction of the folder (choose somwhere easy such as Downloads or Desktop). After the installation is done, you’ll be asked if you want to run the game. DESELECT this option and click finish.

If My Heart Had Wings

DON’T RUN THE GAME. Extract all the parts of ‘IF MY HEART HAD WINGS UNCENSOR PATCH’ in a single folder. Follow the instructions in step 1 for extracting the files. Copy all the files that are in the folder obtained by extracting the patch’s parts.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition (2018) PC

COPY ONLY THE FILES, NOT THE FOLDER. Go in the game’s folder (the direction you chose on step 3) and paste them there. Run the ‘apply_diffs’ file and a cmd window (black backgound with white text window) will open. This is applying the patch so it’ll take a while, when is done it’ll say ‘Press any key’ or something around those lines, press any key and the window will close. Change your location to Japan before you start playing. The patch SHOULD NOW BE WORKING. Saddly, there’s no way to confirm this until the first H-scene which is about 4 hours in-depth (a bathing scene with Kotori, she should be naked and not in a towel).

So just hope it worked until the scene. If it didn’t worked, it may be because you played the game before installing the patch. But don’t worry, just delete and re-install the game and follow the same step. Also, if you’re having a problem because the ‘d3dx9_43dll’ is missing, don’t worry. That’s just the version of DirectX. Download a program called ‘dffsetup-d3dx9_43’ and install the file with it. Mine said lacking xinput1_3. So i downloaded the installer for xinput1_3. Dll and tried to install it like what i did with d3dx9_43. Then it doesnt let me install.

How can i fix this? I ever have this problem before and I found that you must put all the patches(normal patch and uncensor patch) to your game location first. If you have played it and then you put the uncensor patch into the game, I will crashed. So don’t play it, put the patches first. I played the game before because I thought the patch was applied D: But everytime I install it comes with my old save, how can i fix that?

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition (2018) PC

I have played Kotori route, the patch is ok and now I am playing Amane route, it is work too. I finished re-installing the VN, copy the patch and run the apply_diffs. I also change the locale to Japanese. But when I started the VN, I can’t see the pictures. He screen is all black but I can see the dialog box and the story is on but there are no PICTURES and after a few seconds, an error appear on the bottom-right side of the screen and I can’t understand and fix it.

I sacrificed my first game finishing Kotori and Ageha route for this. Why choose a hentai game to translate to english and then remove the sexual scenes? I need help, how do I install it? I don’t know what an installation game directory is. Can someone please tell me the steps to do it? Installation directory is the location in your computer where you decided to install program or game. Bat and wait some time until you see “pause. I saw the oppai of kotori when she’s trying to go in the bathtub, but when i opened the CG, kotori wears a towel.

Does that mean that the installation is failure? By the way, im only doing this to solve the problem im having. This method actually works.

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My problem was the runtime error with that Rio. I’ve been reinstalling this game on different drives but after following this advice, I finally got it up and running. I feel like kicking myself in the nuts for not trying this first ^. Quick question I was finally able to make it so that I can see the nude CG (the furthest I’ve gotten to is kotori slipping in the tub) although when I go to view the gallery I see kotori in her bath towel (the part well she felled in the tub) but when I click on it I see her tah tah’s!

About If My Heart Had Wings

I don’t mind that really (oh you should know that the first time I got to that bath scene part she was in her towel, just a thought you guys should know) but, BUT BUT! The thing is it’s the dialogue that either I did something wrong with the patch Which I MIGHT’VE, maybe, perhaps did something wrong But I’m confident I did and follow the instruction just fine. Aoi said I see kotori in her towel TOWEL! For anybody who has the patch and did everything fine, is that dialogue still suppose to be there after the patch?

And I just skip everything to get to that part to see if I did it right but I might had gotten it 50% right with the patch since I’m not so sure about the dirty jokes and what not being there yeah quick question wasn’t it?

Hi i hope this will be helpful. At first the patch did not work “something like access denied”, then i remembered that if you want to change, edit, etc. Programs on the C drive you have to do so as administrator(windows 7, right click, start as administrator) but it still did not work “some data was not found”. Then i installed the game on my desktop copied the patch into the folder and started it. What a surprise now it works!

Русификатор If My Heart Had Wings

I hope my comment was helpful to some of you and i really want to thank admin for the hart work, i really love your site! If it’s the same problem that Joshua has, it might work if you goto “region and language” in the control panel, click the tab “administrative” and change the system locale there to japanese (assuming you have windows 7). Hey i am trying to do this patch, but i think i am missing some of the voices when i downloaded it? When i run the apply file, it keeps saying on the cmd “the system cannot find the file specified” can anyone help?

You can delete all the. You know, I went back to do that. And I don’t think it was needed 😮 My system locale was in English and other VN’s worked fine, just not this one. BUT, when I ran the apply_diff batch, I found out that you actually haveta wait ^^; Like you gotta wait for the cmd prompt to say ‘Press any key to continue’. Then you know its done 😛 With that over and done with, I saw the ‘three pairs of boobs’ that Black Sword Slasher was talking about, though the CG gallery seems to glitch when I try to see the one with Kotori in the bathtub. Perhaps its because I saw the censored version instead of the uncensored one.

So like, I got to the part where Kotori slips in the bathtub and Aoi rushes in to help her. But like, I’m not sure now.

If My Heart Had Wings

Is she or is she not supposed to have the towel on after Aoi catches her? Other than that, great story so far! I enjoy how they hint towards other characters problems (during the Kotori Route anyways), the art work for the visual novel, and also the idea of this town in a nice setting where people dream to, “extend the little wings which fly in this sky highly,” or however the saying is supposed to go. Who is ‘they’ – as much as i love this site, I’ll lurk at ‘theirs’.

I’ve been waiting ’till the full patch gets released. This seems like the Audio/Video card errors I get when I have wrong drivers. Maybe try Updating, or just reinstall and edit some of the A/V config files. Still downing so I’ll try to get back with an updated response. Does the error pop out before starting or after starting.

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If after staring and something like advhd not working then just turn off that characters voice volume. Thats the main problem i think how do i fix it?

Does the game work properly in japanese and english all ages version,without the uncensored patch that is? If so then extract the uncensored files anywhere other than the main directory and copy the content to the main one. The system can not be specified comes when either the changes are already made or the file is missing altogether. Did the error popped up when you launched apply diff for the first time or in the 2nd time,If first time then re-download every thing and try again. Sorry couldn’t be of much help. Mine worked just fine from the start.